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We at Unique Business Solutions are proud to keep an archive of articles that have been used on our site for your reference. Please check back often.

Article for today!

Starting A Stamp Business Online!

I have been collecting postage stamps for near on 30 years now, when I first began collecting the main means of obtaining and selling spares stamps was through Stamp Clubs and the Local Stamp Dealers shop. How times have changed since then! A revitalised hobby it has become in the cyber age, I now swap stamps World Wide with fellow collectors from China to the United Kingdom.

I soon realized that as my collection grew into the tens of thousand that it was not possible to collect every country nor to use conventional methods of swapping and selling to raise some extra cash to help pay for further collectibles; especially the really expensive ones. I have sold via eBay but I am rather disillusioned with the fees, how can one offer stamps at a "fair and just" price I asked myself?, after figuring out that I simply did not have the expertise and did not wish to spend forever creating my own free web page the idea of my own site simply became wishful thinking for the next 9 months.

UBS was recommended to me by a friend, so I took a chance and contacted UBS, already I am surprised with the results, I have a working plan and the skeleton of a site Peter King's Collectibles that already lists a few items for purchase and the statistics show that the site has already been bookmarked by several people; within several days the dream of having my own Stamp Site has gone from just that "a dream to reality".

While my site is still in the infancy stage and undergoing changes and construction as more items are listed and requires work on my part I am more than happy with the initial result and the support that have been given by UBS, "even for my most basic questions", I would recommend UBS to anyone seeking help either from the complete Novice like myself to those with Advanced Creativity seeking advise, ideas and a plan.

This Article was submitted by Peter King, a life long stamp collector specialising in the Postal History of Tasmania 1826 to 1913. Peter King’s main fields of experience have been 20 years Military Service in the Australian Army and Services to Queensland, Australia’s Justice System for the past 6 years. 2003 Peter King

2003 Unique Business Solutions. All rights reserved.

Archive Business Profile of the Week

In our Business Profile of the Week, we would like to recognize Barb Franks, webhost, webmistress, script installer, homemade soap maker, mother, grandmother, and mate. Recently added to her resume, is fighter of hurricanes. She is definately an all around survivor of life, and enjoys life to it's fullest. Travel is not new to her either.

If you are looking for a great host, we highly recommend Barb, as one of the very best. Her prices are more than reasonable, and the care she gives each client goes above and beyond the call of the job description. She makes sure, that she is always one step ahead of any potential server problems, yet, if one does occur, she is right on top of it. Check out her business here:

She can custom design a hosting package for you if it is not listed. And in the process, recommend what may best set your business on the road to success. She is a self taught script installer, learning from years of trial and error, has made her one that will not give up until it is working properly. Give her a try. The prices are right. What have you got to lose? Better question is..what will you GAIN??


In our Business Profile of the Week, we would like to recognize Charles Nicholls, webmaster, script installer, store operator, business entreprenuer. Charles enjoys his online business and making new friends online. He is one to always offer a hand when needed and also a great advertiser. He puts 100% into everything he does online and off. He also enjoys fishing, and good music.

Charles has a full line of gifts to offer to satisfy the busiest of shoppers. He carries everything from glass to swords and all inbetween. Constantly adding to his store, when he finds new products of interest. Take a peek here:

The Panthers Gift Shoppe

May 2004


As you could probably tell, the updating on this site has been lacking lately. Though there have been added links and new banners, the articles have fallen behind. I do have good reason! I am in the mist of planning my wedding, and so until the end of the month I may not be around a lot.

This does not mean I will not be checking email or taking care of the banners or links as always, it just means the major jobs will be delayed for just a couple of weeks. I do hope you understand, and I will look forward to being back taking care of the site to it's fullest extent by June 1st.

Thank you so much for your loyalty to UBS and all of our team. Should you have an emergency, please use our contact form at the top of the page, and one of our associates will get back to you asap.

Again, thank you and I will be back soon, with a new name and a new life! (grins)

He also runs a successful auto surf program. Take a look at his shop and follow the many various links he has on it to find specials, view websites he advertises for and more.

What Type of Advertising Works?

Everyone has his or her own opinion about advertising and I am no different. What works for me though, may not work for you! So what do you do?

There are so many different ways to reach the masses, especially in our high tech society. We have television, radio, magazines, and tons of ways online in cyberspace.

If you have money to burn, then of course television, radio, and magazine ads are wonderful. You may even consider newspaper advertising, believe it or not. Yes, people do still pick up the morning paper. Online advertising can range from $0.00 to any amount you can imagine, due to the places you pick to advertise. What? Did I just say $0.00?? Yes, I did. HOW? Where? Who? Let's explore a few of the possibilities of FREE advertising.

Search Engine blasts can be done by the individual, but if they do not know how to do an effective blast, 1) they will not get listed. 2) They can be banned. 3) They will have wasted much time and effort if they have not optimized their Website prior to blasting. Why take the risk? HIRE a professional to do it for you! Yes, you may save money doing it yourself. But, is having your site banned or not listed worth the effort? We handle search engine optimizing as well as blasts, and so do many others online. Please, if you don't want to hire us, hire someone.

FFA's and Classified Ads use to be the way to go. Now I am not saying they still cannot be effective, but for the most part, with an FFA, (free for all), your ad drops off sometimes before it even gets posted good. This can be very discouraging to the one trying to advertise. Classifieds are a bit better, depending on the ones you choose.

Safelist are seemingly becoming a thing of the past since the new "Can Spam Law", but are they really? NO. Don't give up on them just yet. As long as they follow the rules, the law protects them. Same with Paid to clicks, Paid to read, etc.

Auto and Manual Surfs are a great way to advertise, if you choose the right ones. Again, how can you find the right ones? ASK! Ask your online friends, ask business associates, or people who do advertising for a living. Which is better? Again, there is no better or best really. Some will argue that auto surfs are of little benefit because they can be minimized so often. That is not always the case. And owners are now making it more enticing to the members NOT to minimize by offering bonus credits or cash, so it is being reborn as a great advertising avenue yet again. Manual surfs will probably always be more popular though, simply because it is manual and the person does have to click to go to the next ad, assuring your site is viewed.

Banner and link exchanges are popular. Are they effective? Some really are. We have had reports of good success from our advertisers. We have received some great advertising that way, but at the same time. We have received some that was not worth the effort.

In all reality, your success still depends on YOU. How much time/money are you willing to invest? If you don't have the time, then pay someone to do the work for you. Otherwise, you have a wonderful Website sitting out in cyberspace that will never be viewed. That is what you have to decide. Is your site worth it?

Article is original and submitted by R. J. Roberts who has been working online advertising for over 6 years now. R. J.'s philosophy, "I am considered an expert by many, but each day online I learn something new which keeps me knowing, I will never know it all!" Copyright 2004 R. J. Roberts

This article is reprinted with express written permission. Do not attempt to copy it without same.

In our Business Profile of the Week, we would like to recognize
Darren Sheeran, Known as Daz to his friends ,Business Entreprenuer. Daz enjoys his online business and making new friends online. He is one to always offer free advertising on his various sites and help in any way he can with advice or whatever is needed and also a great advertiser. He puts 100% into everything he does online and off. He also enjoys selling, buying, fishing, and good music.

Daz has a full range of websites to offer to satisfy the busiest of shoppers. His Sites are everything from Shops to Auctions and Online Radio Station KZ80 Constantly adding Sites to his ever growing list, when he finds new sites of interest. Download this handy tool bar free for some of the shortcuts to some of his sites: Visit his main Site at: Free International Auction House

He also runs a very successful email program. Take a look here and see for yourself Had To Have

This gentleman, I know for a fact, has a successful full time outside business, and runs 70+ online businesses successfully! He is the epitome of what a businessman should be. I hope you will drop by and say hi to Daz and tell him you heard about him from UBS!!!

OH MY! It is tax time again!

Ok, now where did I put all of those medical receipts? Oh dear, where are the travel records, and the utility bills, and, ohhhhhhh. Yes, it is that lovely time of year again when we moan, and groan as we put off until April 15th, to do our taxes. If we were smart, we may have kept a shoebox or two full of receipts. If we were brilliant, we kept a file cabinet full of records, IN ORDER!

Needless to say, the more organized you are, the easier it will be to make it through one more round with "Uncle Sam's Auditors". We all hope that we will not be audited. But still, there is a chance you will be, like it or not. So, are you prepared? Do you have your W-2's in hand, with all of your records for the year, ready to march into your local H&R Block? Or are you going to be one of the brave souls that try to prepare their own?

If there is one bit of doubt in your mind of what you are looking at with the forms, the best advise I can give you, and what I have taken myself for years. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL! No, I don't mean your Aunt Sally that has done her families taxes for years. Ok..sHe is great with the one car, and the dentist receipts, but does she really know home business law? Does she know the tax laws for a Brick and Mortar type business? Be realistic. Be honest with yourself. It will be best for you in the long run to pay a hundred or two and get back a few thousand if you are lucky. Some are blessed just to break even. The real goal of it all, is NOT to have to pay in taxes, but if you must, then let's try to make it as few as possible.

If you are reading this, that means you have online access to the IRS , Small Business Administration, and others who will happily give you a free hand with answers to your urgent questions. Many answers can be found on their websites. So, no more excuses! Time to take control of your business future, and ensure a bearable year ahead. Keep an eye in our Tips section as we will be adding more tax tips as time allows throughout this tax season.

Article is original and submitted by R. J. Roberts who has been working online advertising for over 6 years now. R. J.'s philosophy, "I am considered an expert by many, but each day online I learn something new which keeps me knowing, I will never know it all!" Copyright 2004 R. J. Roberts

This article is reprinted with express written permission. Do not attempt to copy it without same.

(Archived on May 11, 2004) IS YOUR ADVERTISING BEST?

Help us find out, and you can WIN!!!

Everyone is asking the same question. Which advertising is the best? What do you recommend? What has been the most effective for you?

We here at UBS will be conducting a study on different online resources. We will be testing not only Paid to Clicks, Autosurfs, Safelists, but more. We will also be looking into search engine effectiveness. Again, we have our own study in progress as we speak and will make the results public soon after.

Would you like to participate in this study? There are three ways to participate.

If you are an owner of any of the promotional websites avalible today, and would like us to study the effectiveness of your website to be included in our report, click HERE and send us your info. YOU must OWN the website, not just be an affiliate.

The second way is if you wish to report to us your own experiences online. We will be printing some of the opinions and experiences for the general public to view. Click HERE

The third way is to work with us for a few months as we study these different means of advertising. Contact us HERE for more info. This will not be something that will happen overnight. It will take months of research. We also will offer drawings for participants. There will be cash prizes as well as advertising prizes. So sign up today for your chance to win!

Please take time to visit Our Sponsers Here.

2003 Unique Business Solutions. All rights reserved.


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