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The Journey Continues

The journey has begun. The idea has been concieved, so now, it is just a matter of putting in to motion what you have decided on. Let's start with a domain name. Do you want it to reflect your name, your personality, or represent what type of business you have? Most businesses will chose a name that will represent the type of products or services offered. This is not always the case though. If YOU feel good about the name you choose, chances are you will promote it enough to make it a household name. But, keep in mind, that doesn't happen in a matter of days or weeks. Some businesses take years to develope to the extent of even being heard once in a great while. You want your name to be remembered. That is first and foremost. We have found many wonderful companies on the net to register with, but this gentleman gives fast and courtious service, so we recommend that you REGISTER HERE!

Have you thought of doing a business plan to see how feasible this business will be for you? It does require extensive research, and time, but can give you a realistic view of whether or not your business will succeed. It covers the supply and demand, the compition, and more. We can help you design a business plan for your business.

Now that you have the name, time to get it registered. Let's begin with licence that may be required. You may call your local IRS Office or the local Chamber of Commerce to request info on what is required for your specific business. Make sure to check local laws to be sure your business does not infringe upon some of the banned businesses of your community, or the online community. It is very important to follow the laws to avoid penalties down the road.

If you are considering a trademark for your business, you can find help online to help you apply for one. Same goes for copyright. Trademarks can take months to recieve, and may cost hundreds of dollars to obtain, but all major business companies will have a trademark. A copyright on the other hand, can cost much less if you apply for it yourself, but again, be prepared to wait some time for it. Meanwhile, to protect your work, you should always place the copyright on your work at the point of placing the first character or line on a page. More of this can be found online also. You will find helpful links under our help section. These are other services that we can help you with. If you would like us to help you obtain a trademark or a copyright, just contact us. We will work with you on this matter.

You have decided the name, designed a business plan that makes it seem feasible for your buiness to succeed. You may or may not have applied for a trademark, but now you are ready to register your name online. Where and how do you do this? We can help you with it, or we can guide you to the best registars we have found in our years of working online, and give you the reasons behind our choices.

Once you have registered your domain name, it is time to begin building your website.

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